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Are adam sevani and alyson stoner dating

Choreographed by: John O' Connell, Sheree Da Costa, and Pamela French A trio of back-to-back-to-back spectacularly energetic performances introduce Christian (Ewan Mc Gregor) to the Moulin Rouge: The Can-Can, "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend," and "Rhythm of the Night." Choreographed by: Adam Shankman and Anne Fletcher This reignited the trend requiring all teen movies to feature an overly complex dance routine that everyone at prom inexplicably knows how to perform flawlessly. Choreographed by: Jamal Sims and Dondraico Johnson For the most part, this 2011 reimagining simply revisits all the iconic routines from the 1984 original — but this elaborate update on the kids' night out is a foot-stomping good time.Choreographed by: Marguerite Pomerhn-Derricks, Michelle Elkin, Andrea Moen, and Nancy O' Meara After a rocky start, Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley) nails her opening night performance in Goddess.Choreographed by: Marguerite Derricks and Jennifer Hamilton The Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant, like the Hoover family, will never quite be the same again after Olive (Abigail Breslin) takes the stage for this dance routine that's as charming as it is inappropriate.Choreographed by: Patricia Birch One of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history is more famous for the tunes that come from Tom Hanks' and Robert Loggia's toes, but it wouldn't sound as sweet without their fancy footwork.Choreographed by: Sam Rockwell, Marguerite Derricks, and Jennifer Hamilton Sam Rockwell's smooth footwork has worked its way into a half dozen films, but it first hit the screen in this blockbuster with the magic of Pharoahe Monch's "Simon Says" behind it.Choreographed by: Bob Fosse, Gene Foote, and Kathryn Doby While there are more memorable routines, the beauty of "On Broadway" is how perfectly it conveys the sheer volume of dancers clamoring for the same spot. ) Choreographed by: Rob Marshall, Cynthia Onrubia, Denise Faye, and Joey Pizzi, with a special thanks to Bob Fosse Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger prove that two is always better than one (except when it's not ... Choreographed by: Alison Faulk and Teresa Espinosa Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, and Kevin Nash put your money where their mouth is in this attention-grabbing group number.Choreographed by: Charles Klapow, Bayli Baker, Bonnie Story, and Kenny Ortega Prom will be "A Night To Remember" if these overly concerned high-schoolers have anything to say about it in this frothy celebration of formalwear, which includes an epic Zac Efron pelvic thrust.

Choreographed by: Denise Faye, Joey Pizzi, Aisha Francis, Tara Nicole Hughes, Ja Quel Knight, and Melanie Lewis Christina Aguilera, Julianne Hough, and Kristen Bell lead an army of able ladies in this rolicking routine that is part Pussycat Dolls, part pop music video, and all incredible.Choreographed by: Marguerite Derricks and Michelle Elkin While we clearly knew Tom Cruise could dance (See No.88), the world's mouth was collectively agape after watching him tear up the floor with this badass hip-hop routine.It comes outta the gate hard and fast with a killer battle that puts everyone on notice.Choreographed by: John Carrafa With a quick — and smart — shout-out to their sixth grade talent show, Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Darcy (Kate Hudson) have complete freedom to spontaneously perform a perfectly choreographed dance routine. Brown, Laurieann Gibson, Monica Gomez, Kennis Marquis, and Vergi Rodriguez You will believe in Honey's (Jessica Alba) talents as a choreographer after watching her students bring the thunder in this showcase.

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" Choreographed by: Marguerite Derricks and Jennifer Hamilton Mining her not-too-distant childhood, Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) unites a crowd of too-cool hipsters with a charming recreation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Choreographed by: Jerry Mitchell and Pamela Remler Even if she wasn't surrounded by second-tier talent (which is being generous), Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst) would have wowed the Mount Rose American Teen Princess Pageant with this rousing tap routine.