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Beltenebros online dating

Texts/Readings: REQUIRED: Assignments: TESTS: 2 QUIZZES (5%); 1 MID-TERM with take-home essay component (10%; 1 rewrite); one FINAL EXAM with essay component (25%). The study of these themes will teach the student to describe, discuss, and analyze complex, nuanced, and contradictory social and literary phenomena, and to write concisely about these and related themes.REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING: 1 term paper, 15-20 pages (longer papers welcome): 50% 1 15-20-minute research topic presentation 15% 1 10-15-minute topical presentation 15% 1 250-word précis per assigned reading 20% REQUIRED PRIMARY WORKS: DESCRIPTION This course examines literary manifestations of violence, both literal and metaphorical.Recent studies of media violence and audience responses to it suggest that media violence can be classified according to intensity (playful or unrealistic; realistic or graphic), authenticity (i.e., involving violence close to the viewer's reality, such as domestic violence, or as in news footage or documentaries), or degrees of metaphor or literalness. This dichotomy is reflected in conquest narratives going back to the earliest vernacular accounts of conquest.

Conquest is not completed by the subjugation of the native but rather by the replacement of the native's way of life with a new one.

AREAS of interest: feudalism, chivalry, and their latter-day avatars; colonial and conquest narratives; banditry, piracy, and primitive rebellion; superhero studies; science fiction, fantasy, & horror Non-academic interests/hobbies: collecting translations of Anglo-American science fiction, horror, & fantasy works into foreign languages (Spanish, French, German); track & field fan (ex high school track coach) DESCRIPTION: The Eurocentrism underlying the problematic relationship of explorers, conquerors, and colonizers with populations classified as native originates long before the first encounters between Europeans and other peoples.

12 pp.) final essay (1 rewrite, 30%) ORAL PRESENTATION:individual presentation on final essay research project (10 %); ATTENDANCE / PARTICIPATION:5% Professor Biography: HARNEY, Michael, brief biography Awards: Nomination, MLA Prize for Distinguished Scholarly Edition (for , Hackett Publishing, 2011) Honorable Mention, Friar Centennial Teaching Award, University of Texas (2004, 1992) Teacher of the Year, University of Texas Liberal Arts Council (1988-89) Publications, academic areas of interest: Cervantes (Mc Farland, 2008, 57-80).

Strangely, polite society is paradoxically fascinated and titillated by the imagery of predatory rogues, as seen in the names of sports teams (Pirates, Raiders, Buccaneers), or in such multi-media pop-cultural franchises as The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Generally regarding by prosperous, lawabiding people as scary and dangerous, these outlaws are often regarded by the common folk as heroes, while the agents of law and government are seen as villains.

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  1. Having spent most of his career being kept from doing anything considered “serious” by critics, he gets a chance to go through most of Shakespeare’s oeuvre, hitting some obscure works as well as the better-known pieces.