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It belongs to a man who lived here around the eighth century, according to two carbon-dating measurements.Diggers nicknamed him "Valentín" because he was found on February 14, 2009.Once work is completed, visitors will have views over a 1,000-square-meter area under the plaza and another one half that size near the Almudena cathedral.Both spaces will be accessible through the Noble Hall of the future museum, which will hold the tapestries collected by the Crown over the centuries. The weight of the earth has been lifted in order to make way for the weight of history," said one of the architects, Tuñón.The site unveils information about a Madrid where Christians, Muslims and Jews lived side by side.

These will eventually be put on view inside the museum, which is being designed by the architects Luis Moreno Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón.

"All these findings add to Madrid's past," says Andréu.

"Even if it is a very simple past." Besides relevant Arabic remains - such as 70 meters' worth of wall, or the medieval homes that bring the origin of Madrid forward in time - the digs around the Royal Palace have unearthed a burial site with well-preserved remains and a granite staircase corresponding to the building of the Royal Armory of Felipe II, the monarch who made Madrid his kingdom's capital in 1561.

Two more houses turned up near the cathedral, as well as two other streets.

In some of the homes the walls were still standing, while in others there was nothing left but the foundations.

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