Intimidating acronyms

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The challenge is to figure out which ones are which.This paper describes one individual’s experience in a new position in developing strategies to manage the overwhelming number of acronyms he was exposed to in his first year.Librarians and others who work in all types of libraries are exposed to a wide variety of acronyms throughout their workday and work experiences.For many, the acronyms they must readily know are confined to their specific subfield and domain, department, or work detail.

Thankfully, there are countless ways to keep up-to-date on the latest acronyms and neologisms in our field and our contexts.

(If you are curious about this initial list, you can see it here.

Note that this also includes a few common acronyms, such as ALA and ARL, which my administrative assistant thought would be useful to include as part of a complete list.

For simplicity, I will focus in this article only on acronyms, but undoubtedly these strategies can be applied to anything new one has to learn, such as concepts, abbreviations, terms, and phrases.

Starting a New Position, Facing an Overwhelming Number of Unknown Acronyms In 2013, I began a position as the associate dean of a research-intensive university library in a different country.

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How many of us know what FAFLRT, GODORT, MAGIRT, or SRRT represent?