Laws on teen dating

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Laws on teen dating

She has talked about growing up in a bi-racial family and embracing her heritage.

Though they divorced in 1987, when Meghan was just six, Tom and Doria remained friends.

When he was permitted to choose a new name to mark his emancipation he called himself Wisdom.

Her forebears then strove to improve their station, such that Miss Ragland’s father, Alvin, became a prosperous antiques dealer.

When he met Meghan's mother, he was a 39-year-old divorcee with two children.

Tom, who is now a retired 73-year-old living in Mexico, attended Newport High School in the working-class town of Newport, Pennsylvania.

Meghan calls her mother, who went back to university as a mature student and earned a master’s degree in social work, ‘her inspiration’.

On Mother’s Day last year she posted a picture of Doria on Instagram, writing: ‘Always proud of this beautiful woman.’ A few years ago, Meghan’s mother was struggling to make ends meet, with her credit cards seriously overdrawn.

Whatever it was, they married and had me.’ The pair married in 1979.

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Doria’s father, Alvin, ran an antiques shop and her mother was a nurse.

The modest family home was in a black middle-class area of Los Angeles.

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