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Regards, Jeff I wish I could provide you an answer, but I unfortunately am no really versed yet in XML nor the module you are using.Hopefully there is an Expert on hand that has experience with it and that can help.

A number of questions are still being worked on and will be added when they are complete.

A tells you whether a document is valid or not, when given a DTD or schema to check against.

Remember that you don't need to validate every XML document that passes over your desk.

As noted in Chapter 2, "An XML Recap", XML Schema enjoys the dubious distinction among the XML-related W3C specification family for being the most controversial schema (at least among hackers).

Many people like the concept of schemas, but many don't approve of the XML Schema implementation, which is seen as too cumbersome or constraining to be used effectively. Like XML Schema, these specifications detail XML-based languages used to describe other XML-based languages and let a program that knows how to speak that schema use it to validate other XML documents.

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A well-formedness checker wouldn't give a hoot about missing elements. Because DTDs are so easy to parse, some general XML processors include the ability to validate the documents they parse against DTDs.

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